10-Min Soothing Visualization

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Now more than ever, it’s important to have a regular routine of reconnecting the wiring of your own vitality, letting go of anxiety, and becoming comfortable physically and mentally.

During this pandemic, you may be experiencing feelings of loneliness. You’re not alone. As you become disconnected and unplugged from the sources that nourish you, it’s natural to develop feelings of anxiety, isolation, and boredom. Reclaiming a sense of belonging and community can help you tap back into that inner current of vitality.

For me, nothing else provides as much relief, clarity, positive feelings, and that incredible feeling of rejuvenation than taking 10 minutes to tune out the world with a relaxing visualization.

Of course, you might be tempted to say… “Easier said than done!” Let me share a technique with you. Here’s the 10-Minute Rejuvenating audio I play before I get out of bed in the morning to center my mind and feel a deep sense of inner comfort…. GET STARTED

Enjoying a few minutes of stillness to mindfully connect with your body allows you to be your best self, and restore the body and mind. And, when you take some time to quiet the noise around you, to reflect, rejuvenate, and listen to the beautiful voice within, you can begin to discover the best and truest version of yourself.