Total Body Toning in 10 Mins a Day

It’s the summer of strong! 

To amp up your arm game, put some zing in your cheeks 🍑, and keep your abs in the game, look no further than today’s 10-minute total body routine. 

In only 10 minutes, this micro-workout sends your metabolism soaring, and adds definition to your entire body from top to bottom. This training is an under-utilized, but incredibly simple protocol that strengthens your entire body while boosting your stamina and leveling up your fitness. 

Strong women stay young in mind, body, and spirit.

Self Magazine once asked me, “If you had to pick between strength training or cardio, which one would you pick?” Of course, being the aerobic junkie that I was in the early ages, you would think I’d automatically choose cardio.

But, honestly…it would be strength training.

Resistance training is about much more than biceps and triceps. It’s about coordination, balance, agility, endurance, energy, weight loss, and getting back youthful vitality.