Today’s Workout 
Shapely Arms in 15

Many times, barre workouts are associated with strengthening your legs and buns… which is true! But, barre workouts include plenty of moves to tone your entire upper body. From bicep curls to tricep kickbacks, today’s 15-minute Barre arms routine includes some of the best moves for lean, shapely arms you’ll want to show off all year long.

Barre routines leave no muscle left behind, and utilize small, medium and large ranges of motion that target all the different muscle fibers in the upper body.

These powerful strengthening exercises will challenge your core and create greater tone through the triceps, biceps and shoulders. Bonus:  your posture muscles also get a refresher.

As you target all of the muscles in the upper body (including those in the back and chest) it’s important to pay attention to form, stability and control.

These go-to, do-anywhere moves will be your first step to shapely shoulders, toned biceps, and streamlined triceps.

Low impact, high burn!

Create a strong body that carries you through all of life’s adventures. Developing strength builds confidence!  This month, the ReShape app is focusing on the three most requested body parts…  Arms, Abs, and ASSets.  Join us for a training experience unlike any other as you’re guided through a daily program to level up your arm game, whittle your waistline, and give your glutes a pick-me-up.