The burpee is a deceptively simple cardio movement that’s ultimate the full-body exercise, targeting the arms, chest, legs and glutes. And, you can do it almost anywhere, because it doesn’t require a large area or any special equipment! Essentially, a burpee is a squat that moves quickly to plank position and back all in one movement.

If that sounds too daunting, remember that the key is to know your body. When done incorrectly, this move can put unnecessary stress on your knees and lower back…which is why in the video above, I’ve explained three different modifications for you to try.

Ever wonder why it’s called a burpee?

This move was created in the 1930s by Royal H. Burpee as a way to test the agility, strength and coordination of prospective soldiers. After that, it quickly gained in popularity throughout boot camps everywhere. It stands to reason that a primary need in the military is to be able to drop into a firing position and then bounce back up lightning-fast to move to a safe position.

The move was originally designed to be done in quick 20-second segments. Eight burpees completed in 20 seconds was considered poor, 13 or more in 20 seconds was considered excellent. That was it. One set. Twenty seconds.

So here comes the big challenge…how many can YOU do (with proper form, of course)?



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