Turn Your Walk Into A


Think that you and the treadmill aren’t a match made in heaven? Think again. Once you start experimenting with treadmill settings, you can find a whole new groove. 

A popular treadmill workout right now is the 12/3/30… a 12 percent incline at 3 mph for 30 minutes.

When you’re walking at an incline, your posterior chain muscles are engaging to push you up the hill. Your glutes and hamstrings are working in symphony to fight against the resistance of the incline, leading to a stronger, more toned lower body. 

I recently had a conversation with Alexandria, a member of my free Fit Over 40 program, where we discussed how to transition an outdoor walk into an indoor treadmill workout. 

Check out our conversation, where we discuss… 

  • Adapting your walking workouts to your terrain and timeframe

  • Turning your outdoor walk into an indoor treadmill workout 
  • Finding the right steady-state and interval walking pace on a treadmill 

Indoor or Outdoor 30-Min Slim & Strong Walk

Join me for a 30-minute guided Slim & Strong walking audio! This 30-minute guided walk will teach you how to pump up the pace turn your walk into a fat-burning workout. 

Take this walk outside, or pop in your headphones for an indoor treadmill workout! 

As a bonus, your glutes, calves, quads, hamstrings and abs will start to tone up as you develop proper walking technique! 

Just press play below!