The JOY-Full


It’s no secret that exercise, especially cardio, releases a whole flood of endorphins and feel-good chemicals into the brain. It’s called the “feel-better effect.”

Now, studies have identified specific movements that elicit a feeling of joy… reaching arms over your head, rocking from side to side, and bouncing to a beat. 

When participants of the studied were asked to perform those movements, they reported more positive emotions. Other actions, such as shrinking or sitting, caused feelings of fear and sadness. 

Happiness is contagious! 

A separate study even found that when you can see somebody else doing the same movements, the feel-better effect is even stronger. 

Imagine confetti flying through the air as you join me in today’s 20-minute HAPPINESS routine with research-backed moves to improve your mood. It leads you through reaching, swaying, bouncing, shaking, celebrating, and jumping for joy.