The “It Workout”


Yesterday, I received an inspiring Instagram message from Mario, who lost 44 pounds with one of my ’80s workouts… 

“You changed my life. You gave me the chance of changing.

I started to practice aerobics six months ago, after I saw your workout featured in the American Horror Story intro.

I found the routine, fell in love with ’80s aerobics, and lost 44 pounds.” 

Congratulations, Mario on your weight loss, and welcome to the ’80s party of  fun choreography and throwback soundtracks 🎊 🥳 

The aerobics craze exploded in the ’80s, which is when I released my first exercise VHS, Ultimate Video Workout.  No matter where you were at the time (for those who were alive 😊) the buzz around the gyms and studios was aerobics. The memorable attire: legwarmers and lycra. 

Today, let’s revisit the moves that defined the decade from Ultimate Video Workout. This 20-min cardio routine is a mix of intense aerobics, an ’80s song list, and a dose of all-out fun.

 Don’t be shy, give it a try. 

Thank you, Mario for the reminder!