What’s The Best


Whether you lace up hiking boots to master rougher terrain, go au natural barefoot on a beach, or just reach for your trusty sneakers, putting one foot in front of the other in a walking workout is always a step in the right direction toward optimum health. 

There’s never a bad time for a walk is my motto! When it comes to addressing certain health issues, though, post-meal strolls can be perfect timing. For instance, blood glucose levels tend to spike after a meal, especially if you remain sedentary. Hop on a treadmill or snap a leash on Fido for walkies and the opposite happens… walking muscles use the excess glucose in your blood for energy. That’s glucose that might otherwise stay in your bloodstream and contribute to conditions like heart disease, stroke and kidney disease

The benefits of walking are far from limited to lowering blood sugar. At the same time your muscles are gobbling excess glucose, the overall movement that’s part of walking is coaxing food through your GI tract, frequently resulting in a greater feeling of fullness. A quick walk before dessert could mean a smaller portion, a healthier choice or no dessert at all when you return! Plus, reduced heartburn and reflux are a frequent bonus of a walk after a meal. 

You can also count on better sleep when a walking workout is part of your day. Taking a contemplative stroll in the great outdoors is equal parts meditation and exercise. It’s a form of mental cleansing and that you’ll have less on your mind at bedtime. 

Walking is one of the easiest workouts to accomplish and the benefits are vast. Surprising personal improvements are part of the joy of walking so shake off all the excuses and get going!