Tap Into Infinite Energy (Audio)

When you’re young, your body is just exploding with vitality and growth. Remember the phrase “the wonder years?” It’s like a rocket taking off…we soar, we quickly reach a peak of vitality somewhere in our twenties, and then…gravity takes over and we start a slow decline. If you’re experiencing the shift from the “wonder years” to the “wonder what hit me” years, get your energy back with this 10-minute visualization to tap into infinite energy and boost your vitality.

Each one of us has a vital potential…a peak level that you could attain at your present age, whatever your age is! It doesn’t matter if you’re 35 or 55 or 75.

Hardly anyone is working at their peak potential. So in reality, you may be getting older, but you can actually train your body to tap into your life-force just by living a healthier lifestyle. So start thinking about counteracting those hidden changes that are going on, and start making healthier choices every day. By doing this, you can push your vitality higher and higher, closer to your peak potential.

I know women who were not the least bit athletic in their twenties, who’ve gone out and climbed mountains and ran marathons in their forties. It’s really not an exaggeration to say you can feel better at fifty than you ever have in your life!

It can happen…it’s just not going to happen by itself!

Remember, there’s never such a thing as status quo…it doesn’t exist! You’re either going up, or you’re coming down. You’re choosing to build your capacities, or you’re watching them slowly decline.

Beat the Sunday blues with this 10-minute visualization that will teach you simple tips for tapping into your infinite energy. By focusing on your breath and following along with this visualization, you’ll notice a visible increase in energy as you help your body’s cortisol levels drop. In as little as 10 minutes, you’ll feel refreshed and relaxed. Other positive benefits? It will decrease your heart rate and lower your blood pressure.