Take a


Walking is a repetative act, making it a perfect avenue for meditation and self-reflection. Here are two ways to incorporate quiet reflection into your nature walk…

  • BREATH-WALK… Match your inhalations and exhalations with your steps. For example, take four steps as you inhale followed by four steps as you exhale. The rhythm of pairing your steps with your breath helps quiet the mind.
  • MINDFUL WALK... Use a walk in nature as a chance to be present in your surroundings. Feel the gentle breeze on your cheeks and the warm ray of sunshine on your skin. Pay attention to the leaves rustling and the snow crunching under your feet.

Going for a nature walk wherever you live, can make you more resilient to the current stresses of life.

You already know about the benefits that walking has on your brain… and now research is showing that taking a conscious walk in mother nature AMPLIFIES the mental health benefits of a walk. And, people who regularly walk in nature have “quieter” brain, meaning that there is less blood flow in the area of the brain associated with rumination.

Walk & Talk!

Of course, you can always pump up the pace and use a walk as a workout.  Let me be your walking buddy! Just pop in your earpods, and you walk while I talk!

Today’s free 40-minute walking audio incorporates brief interval bursts shown to help break through any weight loss plateaus and improve your cardiovascular health.