Sunshine Therapy!


Boosts Your Immunity… When inflammation gets out of control, it is linked to a variety of illnesses, from depression to immune disorders to inflamed bowels. Researchers believe that when you breathe in phytocides (chemicals produced by plants that you breathe in the air) it rasies your white blood cell count, which helps you fight off disease and infection. 

Amps Your Energy… Craving a cuppa joe? Try skipping the caffeine buzz and heading outdoors instead. One study suggests that spending 20 minutes in the open air gives your brain a spark of energy comparable to one cup of coffee. 

Also, letting your mind relax in restorative environments helps bounce your energy back and combat mental fatigue. 

Sunshine Therapy… Vitamin D is essential… it helps your body soak up calcium, lowers inflammation, and prevents osteoporosis. Sure, you can get vitamin D in foods such as salmon, but basking in the sun gives you more than 90% of your vitamin D. 

Gives Free Aromatherapy – “Stop and smell the flowers” isn’t just a saying. According to research, breathing in natural scents such as flowers, pine, and grass makes you feel more relaxed and calm. 

Improves short-term memory… Being outdoors (specifically forest walking) has memory-boosting effects that walking on a treadmill doesn’t offer. As a bonus, it restores your focus! 

Naturally de-stresses… Being in nature alters the way that stress is physically expressed in the body. Specifically, it lowers cortisol… the stress hormone. You’re just an outdoor walk away from less stress!