Glute Amnesia?
10-Min Barre Butt Workout

If you’re suffering from a case of glute amnesia and wondering “where did my butt go?”...Then today’s 10-min workout will help you fill out the backside of your tight blue jeans…

When you spend too much time sitting throughout the day, your gluteus medius has a trickier time initiating contractions during a workout. Enter “dead butt syndrome.”

Thankfully, today’s 10-min butt-activating and toning workout is a solution! This is a barre routine, which means it focuses on muscular endurance, so it’s all about more reps to target the entire glute area.

Remember, your glutes are the three muscles that make up your buttocks and hips. The largest is the gluuteus maximus, more commonly known as your buttocks. It’s the muscle you use when you lift your leg behind you or rotate your thigh outward.

The gluteus medius and gluteus minimus are located on the sides of your hips. It is these glute muscles that lift your leg out to the side… you don’t actually have outer thigh muscles that do that job.

Today’s workout is a dynamic barre routine that targets all muscles in the glutes to train them as a whole.