Strong Abs Over 40


Toned abs can be a challenge to achieve as you age. Here’s why… Changes in your hormones encourage extra calories to make a beeline for your belly, where it’s then stored as fat.

Here’s the truth… endless crunches are NOT the way to a strong midsection! Most women want a toned waistline, but are just throwing their time away by doing crunch after crunch. Instead, try today’s 10-minute pilates core workout to target your abs every angle.

When you reach age 40, maintaining strength becomes a little more involved. Here’s why… Generally, muscle strength reaches its highest point at age 30 and declines every decade.

Pilates is a secret weapon when it comes to strengthening the entire core… specifically the lower belly… because it effectively works your  “powerhouse,” which is a fancy term meaning the core (some of which are often missed in traditional ab workouts).

Remember… The “core” is not only the abdominal muscles, but also the stabilizing muscles in your hips and lower back. The core encompasses 360 degrees of the midsection.

You don’t want to miss the 10-minute pilates core routine! This workout targets the abs, lower back, and hips while changing the way you use your body by activating your “powerhouse.” By using low reps and intense mental focus, you’ll firm your abs and achieve powerful results!

Best Workouts for a Strong Core

• Tummy Trimmers Target your abs by using multiple movement patterns! This routine mixes and matches five 10-minute segments to tone, trim, and tighten your abs like never before! 

 Total Body Turnaround Combine cardio with ab moves for the ultimate burn! This routine includes three 20-minute balance, circuit and energy workouts to ramp up your calorie burn and attack trouble spots. 

• Fat Burning Pilates – Define your abs the pilates way! This complete workout helps you develop long, lean, strong muscles in your arms, abs, and legs while enhancing core strength. 

 Peel Off The Pounds Pilates – Tone and tighten your powerhouse! This routine isolates hard-to-reach muscles while infusing the principles of Pilates to maximize your weight-loss potential and revel a leaner, stronger, healthier body!