Stress-Free In 5 Mins

Stress is a killer! Especially for women.
When your body senses stress, your adrenal glands react by pumping out the hormones adrenaline and cortisol. Some cortisol is healthy, and even necessary for you to be able to function every day. But too much can wreak havoc on your body, triggering hot flashes and menstrual irregularities, while mood swings, fuzzy thinking, and sleep irregularities are intensified.

On the other hand, cutting stress is your best weapon against these symptoms, and yoga provides the perfect combination of techniques to accomplish the job. In fact, according to some studies, yoga breathing techniques can reduce hot flashes by as much as 90%!

By toning the nervous system and improving circulation, yoga exercises can pull you back from emotional plunges and rejuvenate your energy supply. It clears your mind and puts your body at ease so that you can concentrate during the day and sleep at night. Certain postures effect the endocrine and reproductive systems, which can help balance erratic hormonal shifts and awaken your sex center.

Yoga elongates your spine, lubricates your joints, and stretches out your muscles. This helps eliminate lower-back pain and body aches. Most of all, yoga gives you the flexibility and strength that keeps you young and vital, so you can enjoy the new freedoms that come in menopause.

Doing yoga or going for a nature walk with friends will not only help balance out your cortisol levels, but will also help you gain perspective and serve as a reminder that you can handle anything.