Strengthen Lungs


In a time where COVID-19’s main target is the lungs, it’s important to keep them strong.

The nose is a reservoir for nitric oxide, an essential gas for the maintenance of good health. By breathing through the nose, you harness various properties of nitric oxide.

Here’s why nitric oxide is so important:

  • Sterilizes incoming air
  • Plays a roll  in neurotransmission (brain cells communicating with each other)
  • Helps blood vessels in the lungs dilate so that oxygen can be properly absorbed from the air
  • Assists the cardiovascular system
  • Reverses buildup of cholesterol
  • Has a relaxing effect on blood vessels

Viruses are spread with the mucus or saliva in the air. A natural filter for that is the nose. And that’s why nasal breathing is one of your first lines of defense.

Nasal breathing can be a valuable tool, because it increases the production of nitric oxide, which is has an ANTIVIRAL effect.

Join me in today’s 3-minute nasal breathing exercise to strengthen your lungs. As a bonus, you’ll experience a few minutes of complete relaxation.