Step Your Way To Strong, Slim and Sexy!

Who says you can’t torch fat and calories while strength training? It’s time to dust off one throwback piece of equipment that will help you do just that…the step! It’s one of the most versatile, yet under-used, pieces of equipment in the gym. Today’s workout gives a fat-blasting boost to your strength and step training workout. Not only are you toning your tush and thinning your thighs with traditional step aerobics, you’ll also sculpt your arms and shoulders with strength training moves that deliver results! That’s right! No dumbbells? No problem. With the height of a platform, the basic movement of stepping up and down is turned into a weight-bearing activity, even without using weights. By supporting your own body weight, you are creating resistance, which forces your muscles to engage deeper and the result is a firm, toned lower body, with noticeable results very quickly!