Lean, Shapely Legs
+ 10-Min Step Workout

A few weeks ago, I traveled to the Big Apple to cheer on participants of the New York Marathon, including my friend Alan who was the oldest runner. He is a superstar at 88! 

Whenever I’m in NYC, I pack my most comfortable walking shoes, because the steps add up. I logged 17,000 steps in one day 🤩 and even stopped at some staircases for step-ups! 

As the temperatures soar down, it’s time to STEP UP… in your living room!

It’s time to dust off one piece of equipment that will help you torch calories AND strengthen your entire body from head to toe…the step! 

With stepping, you can burn an incredible amount of calories in a very small space… a nearly impossible mission for most other workout styles. 

Today’s 10-minute step workout effectively activates the glutes and hamstrings. This routine uses elements of plyometrics to enhance your speed and strength while burning calories and reshaping your entire body. It’s not just stepping up and down…this workout includes squats, jumps, balance, and lunges for a complete fat-burning butt and thighs routine. 

Your lower body will be so hot, they’ll be on Santa’s naughty list. 

No step? No problem. Use a set of stairs for step-ups. 

Step ups are a brilliant move to add to your repertoire. You encounter stairs, hills, and curbs daily. Step-ups are beneficial to everyday functionality, because they target your glutes and thighs.

Plus, stepping is low impact, making them easy on the joints. And they burn loads of calories – up to three times more than walking.

In addition, with every year, balance becomes more challenging and important.

By adding a mid-way pause in a step-up, you improve our balance bilaterally, balancing out our tendency to rely on one side of the body more than the other.

At the challenge level, add propulsion with a single-leg hop. Propulsion improves your cardio fitness and focuses on fast-twitch muscle fibers, which allow you to react quickly, essential for protecting us from injuries, like catching ourselves before a fall.

Fast or slow, let’s go!