Are Stem Cells the Future of Medicine?

Imagine being able to take cells and use them to cure all kinds of ailments.. from diabetes to heart disease or macular degeneration.

All across the world, scientists have begun clinical trials to try and do just that, by making use of the incredible power and versatility of stem cells.

Today’s podcast gues, Dr. Amy Killen, is at the forefront of this movement with her revolutionary work with cosmetic stem cells to create youthful, healthy, glowing skin…also to stimulate hair to move from the inactive “resting” phase to the active “growing” phase….. and she also works with sexual revitalization for both men and women. I met Amy last year at an anti-aging conference and was excited to have her on the show. Listen to the episode here!

Amy works at a clinic Docere Medical, right here in Park City, Utah, where along with Dr. Harry Adelson they have built a reputation for regenerative optimization medicine. If you’re asking, “What does that mean?”

Here’s a little background…

The body is rich in populations of stem cells that are critical for our survival. Stem cells are directly responsible for tissue regeneration. Life and aging is a constant balance of, breaking down and building up of all the tissue types. If your stem cells were to stop functioning, you would die of old age…even if you were young.

Another way of looking at it is that stem cells help heal tissues. Whenever you have some kind of injury, stem cells target those damaged tissues and release a rich mixture of growth factors to trigger the healing.

With age, stem cells start to poop out, and you don’t heal as quickly. And this happens to every tissue in our body. Trying to boost the impact of your own stem cells has captured the attention of the medical community.


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