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A few years ago, an unconventional word made the shortlist of Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year…. “hygge.” Pronounced “hoo-gah,” it’s a Danish term meaning “a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.”

In Helen Russell’s best-selling book, “The Year of Living Danishly,” she explains that hygge is “taking pleasure in the presence of gentle, soothing things.” Imagine how you feel when you drink a freshly-steeped cup of tea, or put on a pair of warm, fluffy socks by the fireside. That’s hygge. 

Autumn is the perfect time to add some hygge to your life with warm blankets fresh from the dryer after a cold-weather hike, or spending time with your family in a relaxed atmosphere.

Here are 5 of my hygge morning rituals that help me feel more relaxed, connected, and harmonized…. 

• An energizing stretch that allows me to get the energy and fluids moving in my body and wake up the brain. Try my stretching routine above.

• A cup of warming tea  that uses an Ayurvedic formula including turmeric, cardamom, black pepper and ginger. 

• A barefoot walk that gives me an overall full-body sensation… especially with the cool Autumn grass. 

Join me in today’s 8-min slow and sensual calming stretch to restore and rejuvenate your body and mind…