Stay Strong


As we reach the age of 30 and beyond, a natural process called sarcopenia sets in, leading to a decline in muscle mass. Research shows that without regular strength training, we can lose as much as three to eight percent of our muscle mass per decade. This loss not only slows down our metabolism but also decreases our strength and functional ability to perform everyday tasks with ease.
Functional training is a game-changer when it comes to maintaining muscle mass, strength, and overall functionality. Unlike traditional strength training, which often focuses on isolated muscle groups, functional training mimics real-life movements and activities. The goal is to improve our ability to perform daily tasks with efficiency, ease, and reduced risk of injury.
Think of functional training as a retirement savings plan for your body. Just as you want to accumulate enough financial reserves to sustain you in your later years, you also want to build a substantial “reserve” of muscle to protect you from injuries and allow you to continue pursuing the activities you enjoy. By investing in functional training now, you’ll be better equipped for the long haul.
Functional training targets multiple muscle groups simultaneously, integrating strength, stability, flexibility, and mobility. It focuses on movements that improve our ability to perform activities of daily living, such as bending, lifting, reaching, and twisting. By engaging in functional training exercises, we enhance our overall physical performance and enhance our quality of life.