Spot Toning vs Spot Reducing


Gimmicks to reduce a targeted area of your body have been around for centuries. The magical herbs, contraptions and targeted exercises have changed over the years, but something that hasn’t changed is that none of the hype leads to results… because spot reducing is a myth. It’s just not possible to selectively shed fat.
Spot toning, on the other hand, is a reality. Rather than focusing on muscle definition and fat loss in specific areas and getting nowhere fast, set your sights on a body of toned muscles and less fat. 
The dynamic duo of that will make the most of workout time is compound exercises and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). 


Compound exercises work more than one body part at the same time and usually include larger muscles (so you’re burning more calories). Compound movements are also frequently functional movements so you’re building muscles that power you through everyday activities. 


Once you start sculpting and defining your muscles it’s time to work on fat loss. Think of your newly toned muscles as the star of the show and fat as the curtain that needs to be pulled back for the big debut. 
HIIT training is one of the best ways to burn fat. Sometimes called “burst” or “interval” training, HIIT turns up the heat on calorie burn during and after a workout. It’s easy to add short bursts of higher intensity to just about any workout. During a brisk walk, for instance, kick it into high gear for 60 second and alternate with steady state walking for 60 seconds for 10 minutes. Before you know it you’ve completed a full HIIT workout!

Strength Training Keeps You Young!


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