5 Ways To Break Free From The SITTING EPIDEMIC

You might want to stand up while reading this…

Even your morning workout will have little impact on your health outcomes if you spend a big portion of your day sitting. 

Too much time in a chair can impact everything from your mood to your heart health. 

Impacts of Prolonged Sitting

• Weight gain.. especially around the belly 

• Dead butt syndrome 

• Brain function… brain fog, decreased focus, and sluggishness

• Increase risk of colon cancer 

• Spikes in your blood sugar

• Increased risk of blood clots

• And of course… leaves you vulnerable to back pain. 

Try these 3 powerful techniques to break free fro the sitting epidemic. 

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If you haven’t guessed already, experts are calling chairs “the worst invention of mankind.” Break free from the shackles of constant sitting and reclaim your health! 

Remember, it’s not just about the workouts you do, but also about the way you move and live throughout the day. Stand up, take charge, and break free from the sedentary trap! 



1. Sit on your rockers

When you’re on a chair, simply shifting the way that you sit can make a tremendous difference in your posture.

Try resting on your sit bones… these are the bones below each side of the base of your pelvis. Think of them like a rocking chair, allowing you to move backward and forward, side to side.

Move to the edge of the chair with your feet resting on the ground and your pelvis vertical. To find vertical position, rock gently back and forth, making each movement smaller and smaller until you feel balanced in the middle.

When you sit on your rocker bones and find your vertical, it helps support your spine.  The spine is one system, all parts relating to each other. When you balance your head over your pelvis while activating your core, it allows your body to work harmoniously. The result is less tension in your shoulders, neck and back.

Spending too much time in poor-posture-prone positions causes your back muscles tend to stretch out. If ignored, they’ll eventually lose strength. And, this “getting older shape” causes your belly to compress, which triggers pain and pressure in the lower back and internal organs.

Before you sit, try this 10-minute yoga routine to strengthen and stretch  the muscles that will be activated when you’re sitting…

2. Follow the 50/10 rule

Follow the 50/10 rule… for every 50 minutes of sitting, stand up for 10 minutes! Find excuses to get out of your chair, go drink a glass of water, walk to get the mail, go to the bathroom, water plants outside, take the garbage out to the trash, and do some light stretching or walk around the house.

As a bonus, go look out the window for a few minutes to give your eyes a break from the computer.

3. Potty train

If you find yourself struggling to stay active, create cues that prompt you to move. I’ve found a silly but effective method for staying active throughout the day….it’s called POTTY TRAINING!

All you have to do is commit to performing 10 air squats over the toilet every time you go into the bathroom… hence the term “potty training.” In this example, your cue (going to the bathroom) is prompting you to move (squats).

But before you get started, make sure you have proper form! Check out this video where I guide you step-by-step how to do a PERFECT squat!

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