Banana Tea Recipe

for Better Sleep

My go-to resource for all issues related to sleep is Dr. Michael Breus, “The Sleep Doctor.” He is a clinical psychologist with a specialty in sleep disorders. This week, his blog was packed with tips for better sleep after the time change…

“A lot of people who have sleep issues tend to stress out about the time change because it can be so disruptive. Falling back isn’t as hard as springing forward, but even a slight change may be enough to throw your whole routine off balance. Winters can be dark, cold and dreary which can also increase anxiety and depression.”

Here are a few simple ways that you can lessen the effects of the time change, from Dr. Michael Breus “The Sleep Doctor”… 

Banana Tea:
This is a tasty, mildly sweet option to drink about an hour before bed. Banana tea contains potassium and magnesium, which are known to relax muscles. Bananas also have an amino acid that helps make serotonin (a relaxing neurotransmitter) and melatonin (aka the sleep hormone).

To make banana tea, peel the banana and put the meat aside. Cut the bottom and top quarters off the ends of the peel. Slice the peels in half. Place the peel pieces in boiling water for ten minutes. Strain the banana water into your cup. Add a drop of raw honey or cinnamon for some added flavor. Then, take the banana meat, cut it in four pieces, and put it in the freezer to use for a smoothie, or for a snack when a sweet tooth calls. Frozen banana? Yum.

Warm Lemon Honey Water: Heat the water to at least 180 degrees and pour into a cup. Add lemon juice and raw honey. (Raw honey has no added sugar.) Let the tea steep for one minute or until cool.

Magnolia Bark: Research suggests that magnolia bark can reduce anxiety as well as the time it takes to fall asleep. Additionally, it may also increase the amount of time you spend in NREM and REM sleep.

Magnesium: Magnesium is one of those minerals that a lot of people don’t get enough of in their diets. It’s been shown to have stress-reducing and mood-boosting properties, and it also plays a significant role in healthy sleep. I take Jigsaw magnesium daily to improve my sleep quality.

CBD: Extracted from the cannabis plant, CBD has well-known calming and anxiety-reducing properties. There’s even evidence it can help with depression!

My conversation with Dr. Breus is one of the most popular episodes of The Art of Living, because he gives specific steps for what to do if you lie awake in bed thinking about your never-ending to-do list and those upcoming deadlines. Perhaps falling asleep isn’t the issue, but STAYING asleep is your Achilles heel….Dr. Breus has tips for that, too. LISTEN HERE

In this episode with Dr. Breus, you’ll discover… 

• 5 Cardinal Sleep Sins that you may be breaking on a daily basis and could be preventing you from getting a good night’s rest.

• The importance of waking up at the same time of every day…yes, even on the weekends…and how that affects your circadian rhythm.

• The truth behind CBD oil and how it may impact your sleep

• The scary effect that a lack of sleep can drastically have on your hormones.

• Your sleep chronotype… bear, lion, dolphin, or wolf?

Listen to the episode!