Short Workouts For Instant Energy

I’ve heard all the excuses of why people don’t workout… 

“I don’t have enough time to workout.” 

“I’m so bored with my workout!” 

“I don’t have energy to get moving!” 

I get it! The good news is, we have so many shortcuts with fitness now. The mindset that you have to work out for an hour at a time is outdated. 

Research shows that exercise can increase your energy levels almost instantly! That’s why I find 10-min pockets of time throughout the day to fit in a quick burst of movement.

Movement creates energy.

Too often, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that a quick workout will make you feel tired, especially when you’re already worn out.

That’s just not the case.

Finding 10 minutes to fit in movement before the day begins, during lunch, or in an afternoon slump can give you a quick pick-me-up and give you a hit of steady energy. 

Try this 10-min cardio workout…  it’s short, quick, and will help you feel on top of the world!

Workout Smarter, Not Longer!

…With Toned in 10!

Toned In 10 Includes 3 at-home workouts..

 FastFit – Five 10-minute workouts designed to give you a flatter, firmer figure in the fastest possible time.

✅ Tummy Trimmers – Mix and match the five 10-minute segments of Tummy Trimmers to tone, trim, and tighten your abs like never before! 

 Total Body Turnaround – Three 20-minute balance, circuit and energy workouts to ramp up your calorie burn and attack trouble spots. If you don’t have time for all 20 minutes of the workout, complete as much as you have time for!