10-Min Pre-Shower Workout

When you think about it, summer is all about the “less is more” rule: Less work, more play. Less stress, and (hopefully) more vacation. Less clothing, and you guessed it, more skin.

Whether you’re summer dress shopping or you’re looking to get re-acquainted with your abs after winter, here’s the good news: When it comes to exercises that help you lose weight and feel and look your summer best, less is STILL more!


Today, I want to show you an incredibly SIMPLE and effective 10-min ab routine that you can do before your morning shower to tone your abs from every angle! And, it’s completely FREE!

Commit for 7 days to energize your abs before you shower!

Achieving flat abs at any age isn’t a gimmicks or impossible goal. This 10-min video routine from my Tummy Trimmers DVD is a workout that will give you a jumpstart to a better core and improved health.

Remember, getting rid of belly fat isn’t just about vanity — the extra weight around your tummy triggers greater amounts of inflammation, putting your body at an increased risk for heart disease and diabetes.

The 30-Day Slim Belly Challenge Includes…

• 30 Daily workouts to flip your belly fat-burning switch! From videos to audio workouts, from walking to strength training to barre, your ab-tightening workouts will be delivered straight to your email bright and early every morning. And, your first routine will arrive within 24 hours of signing up! • 30 Belly-fat fighting recipes – Enjoy the daily step-by-step recipes so you know EXACTLY what to eat every day. Which means, by the time summertime rolls around, you’ll have perfected these mouth-watering (and healthier) options. • 30 Hormone-resetting tips – Each day, I’ll teach you how your hormones could be whipping you up a muffin top, and a quick tip on how to steer your hormones in the right direction for rapid belly-fat loss. • BONUS: Private Q&A with me! – Any time during the challenge, email me, and I’ll answer your #1 fat-burning question!