Save Time With Functional Exercises

Whether you’re looking at the statue of David or the magazines featuring celebrity’s toned bottoms, sculpted glutes and hamstrings are always in fashion. But we’re all in a hurry, and this may be your number one excuse to not exercise. I’m going to banish that excuse today with a simple 2-in-1 timesaving technique. The truth is, you can tone your body by taking motions you use in everyday life and turning them into one fluid movement. This golden trick is called functional training.

Functional motions are exercises you mimic in your everyday life, like grabbing groceries from the isle and putting them in your cart. When you turn this everyday motion into an exercise, you aren’t just using one muscle group. This simple motion entails bending, twisting, lifting, reaching and extending, all in one sequence of integrated movements, so you simultaneously engage multiple muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons so that your body works as a unit. This is one of the most efficient ways to tone the body quickly and completely.  

Are you ready to get started? Try this time saving 2-in-1 glute and thigh functional exercise:

Squat With A Rotating Twist

Stand with feet hip distance apart, holding light weights in each hand. Push your hips back until your knees are bent to about a 90-degree angle, pulling weights to the chest. As you rise keep the left foot and hip parallel but pivot on the right toe, turning your whole body to the left. As you pivot on the right toe, squeeze the right glute while bringing the weights overhead toward your left side. 12 repetitions each side.

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