Your Routines Become


Your routines becomes your rituals.

Our habits and routines – many of which have become ingrained in our subconscious over the course of years – have a tremendous impact on our overall health and happiness.

Anyone who has tried to lose weight knows that habits are a key component of weight loss (and that losing weight is not simply a calories in/calories out equation).

Whether you wake up and start your day with green tea and meditation… or coffee and a doughnut, we train ourselves to engage in certain routines, and it can be very challenging to break free from those routines.

The golden rule of changing a habit is to start rehearsing in your mind what you want to happen and change your physiology at the same time.

Your physiology affects your psychology.

That’s why exercise is so important in changing moods. If you stay in the same old physiology, you’re going to really stay into the same old thought pattern. So, we want to break up the physiology, get the brain wiring and firing differently and, then, fill the brain with new thoughts  and new ideas.

Think about this scenario… You’re sitting for a period of time and feel yourself hunching over, drooping a little bit. That has an impact on your mental outlook. So, all you have to do is sit up straight, roll those shoulders back, do a few shoulder rolls and take a few deep breaths and all of a sudden, you’ll regain some energy. That’s a small example of how changing your physiology affects your psychology.

One Simple Way to Change a Habit

For the next two weeks days, commit to a new daily challenge. Choose one these…

• Walk for 30 minutes a day… check out this FREE 30-minute walking routine
… or 

• Try the Free Fit Over 40 Challenge… Sign Up Here!
… or
• Incorporate 10 mins of gentle yoga… try this routine… 


Remember, try to do it for 2 weeks!

Each day, notice how you feel at the end of your routine. Being mindful of what’s happening internally is what initiates change and propels you in a new direction.