Release A Stiff Neck In 2 Minutes

Standing Neck Release

Time: Thirty seconds on each side.

1. Stand with your feet hip distance apart.

2. Interlace your fingers behind your back.

3. Draw both interlaced hands to your right hip, keeping your shoulders down away from your ears and drawing your elbows toward each other.

4. Lower your right ear toward your right shoulder, keeping your left shoulder down away from the ear. Feel the release of the muscles on the side of your neck as your cervical spine opens and releases.

5. Continue for thirty seconds; switch sides and repeat.

Shoulder Dance Roll

Reps: Ten in each direction, inhaling through your nose, exhaling through your mouth.

1. Make complete circles with both shoulders simultaneously.

2. Enjoy the sensation of your shoulders opening and moving in a fluid, sensual way.


Neck Massage

Reps: 10-30 seconds on each side.

  1. Standing or seated upright, tilt your right ear to your right shoulder and draw your right arm up and around your head. Allow the weight of the arm to gently stretch your neck and create a release.
  2. Breath smoothly and steadily.
  3. If you find an area that feels tight, stuck, or painful, slow down and draw your awareness to that area. What do you feel there? What is the texture of the sensation? Saturate the area with your entire awareness and feel into it.
  4. If the sore spot is on the left side of your neck, place your left hand on the area. If it’s on the right side, use your right hand. If you cannot reach the area, use a tennis ball and lean against a wall.
  5. Using firm pressure, use your fingers to press into the spot. It may feel uncomfortable, but should not feel like a sharp pain.
  6. While continuing to apply pressure, turn your head in the opposite direction of the kink. Then, tilt your neck as if your chin was trying to touch your armpit.
  7. Afterward, stretch your arms to the ceiling.