“Attention Slouchers.”  It’s time to straighten up your act.. and body!

In our modern lifestyles, hours of screen time dominate our daily lives.  The resulting forward head posture of staring at computers and hand-held devices has become increasingly common… and painful!

Best selling author and physiologist Katy Bowman… to the rescue!

In her new book “Rethink Your Position,” Katy talks about how this postural misalignment can lead to a cascade of issue including neck pain, headaches, reduced lung capacity, even digestive problems.

I spoke with Katy recently on The Art of Living podcast and asked her about this ‘tech neck’ pain. Her prescription? Head Ramping!

Head Ramping is a simple technique which counteracts the effects of constant forward head tilting, helping reposition your head in relation to your body and restoring optimal alignment.

What’s the secret? Adjusting your head to promote optimal spine alignment reduces strain on your neck, shoulders and upper back. It’s that easy!

Prepare to be ‘wowed’ by this easy-to-follow technique.

Head Ramping 101

While seated or standing:

  • Relax shoulders and mindfully adjust your head position, aligning ears over shoulders

  • Imagine a string pulling the crown of your head upward, lengthening your spine

  • Realign your ears directly over your shoulers

  • Gently tuck your chin, avoiding strain

Practicing this technique throughout the day will reduce tension and improve your posture. Longer term benefits will follow!

So take a moment to notice where your head’s at..physically speaking.

Make this easy to follow Head Ramping technique part of your daily routine.

A small adjustment today paves the way for a remarkable transformation tomorrow.