This year has likely put stress on your life… physically, mentally, socially, and financially. If you’re feeling like the pressure has taken a toll on your mind and body, it may be time to recharge and refocus with a 5-min guided breathing exercise. 

When life is chaotic, or you’re feeling anxious and triggered, you can turn your anxiety into your secret edge and break your typical pattern with a simple breathing technique called “nasal breathing.” 

This method will allow you to stop anxiety in its tracks, slow down, and find a quiet place of understanding that can change how you think and feel. It has helped many people change their relationship with stress and worry.

Breathing through the nose and letting that breath go down into your belly (instead of your chest) encourages the body and mind to slow down until proper breath is second-nature. Because of that, nasal breathing reduces hypertension and calms stress levels. Not only will you feel greater wellbeing in the moment, but that feeling can carry with you throughout the day and the week. Breath by breath, you’ll step into homeostasis where you feel healthy and alive.

Join me in this 5-minute nasal breathing video where I guide you through the basics of nasal breathing…