Real Secret To Burning Calories

Forget about exercise burning calories. What really burns calories is muscle. Having more muscle gives you the power to burn more calories than you could without it. It’s that simple.

Muscle burns calories three ways:

  1. While working out—more muscle gives you the strength and stamina to work with greater intensity.

  2. After working out—training at a higher intensity raises your metabolism, and causes it to stay high for several hours afterward. That metabolic bump will cause your body to burn more calories between workouts than you would otherwise.
  3. Around the clock—Your muscle tissue is like a furnace, burning more calories all the time.

Let’s get strength training! Today’s 20-minute workout is designed to tone your upper body and boost your metabolism. This classic resistance routine comes from Lift Weights to Lose Weight and includes a unique “dual track” format, which means you select the ideal body area and intensity level. You’ll get a workout that exactly matches your goals — either light weights/many reps or heavy weights/few reps (e.g. the light weights group continues on while the more challenged, heavy weights exercisers are cued to stop and recover). 

After 20 minutes of focusing on your biceps, triceps, shoulders and back, you’ll leave feeling strong and confident!