Reach Your Peak


For many of us, our forties and fifties are critical, pivotal decades.

It’s when you either start becoming interested in health and begin doing the things that will sustain you in the long run, or (I hate to say it) you really start to go to pieces in a way that’s tough to bounce back from.

For women who’ve neglected their health, these decades of life come as the coup de grâce that leaves them feeling hopeless about their bodies and about ever looking and feeling better. The natural process of aging seems to be going into a steep nosedive that they just can’t pull out of. 

If you’re feeling scatterbrained and can’t focused on a task, or as though you’re getting lost trying to pay attention to a bunch of tings at once, lock in your focus with this 10-min “Focus” visualization. By taking a few minutes to quiet the mind, rewire your brain, calming the nervous system and slowing down the breath, you can smooth emotional hills and valleys into a level path while eliminating distractions. The result? Laser focus. 

Many women dread, or have dreaded the change. But take a closer look. You’ve been changing all along. In fact, there’s no period of life that’s not marked by physical change.

The fact is, your body naturally reaches a peak of vitality in your twenties and then begins a long and, at first, very gradual decline. Muscle mass shrinks, bone density declines—and with them strength, endurance, balance, reaction time, and mental clarity.

All of these changes are developing five, ten, or even fifteen years before the hormonal fluctuations that precede menopause even start. They are simply the outcome of being alive.

So much of what we’re experiencing is really the result of these age-related changes.

This calls for some glass-half-full thinking: I believe each of us has a vital potential at every stage of life—a peak level of vitality that we could be experiencing—if we were doing everything possible to reach it.

That peak will naturally be a little lower at sixty than at thirty. That’s life. But the exciting thing is this: Most of us have so much room for improvement that we’re poised to experience huge gains in well-being, just by actualizing our potential.

By adopting healthier lifestyle habits—especially exercise and better eating—we can push our vitality higher and higher on that scale, closer to our peak potential.

In this way, it is literally possible to feel better in your 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond than you ever have in your life!

The point is to get you, and keep you, as close to your full vital potential as possible at whatever age you are.