15-Min Yoga Pick-Me-Up

This week, I was featured on the cover of AGEIST… thank you all for the kind and uplifting Instagram comments!

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Here is one of my favorite questions from the interview…

What are the self-defeating myths that people tell themselves at this age, and how do you overcome them? 

In an age where we have ready access to so much media exposure, it’s time to say goodbye to striving for a younger you. Instead, strive for the best version of you right now.

When you take the attitude of embracing the full experience of life, it’s truly inspiring. Eliminate focusing on the “I can’t do this” thoughts, and reframe your thoughts and conversations with what you can do.

Start to have a love affair with your body! Reconnect with it. The most important question you could ask yourself is, “Do I take time every day to do something that will make me feel stronger, healthier, and more vibrant?” That’s a great way to start the process of feeling alive and vibrant and turn off that chatter in your brain saying you’re not good enough.

I’m a big believer in progress not perfection and always encourage people to reconnect with their body so they can love the way they look and feel.

Quiet Mind, Happy Soul 

Quiet your mind and shift to a more positive outlook with today’s 15-minute yoga routine. It’s a serious pick-me-up! You’ll leave the mat feeling relaxed and filled with a can-do attitude for the day.