If you want to turn your walk into a workout, try this 30-minute Pump Up The Pace guided walk. This free audio incorporates brief interval bursts shown to help break through any weight loss plateaus and improve your cardiovascular health.


I refer to walking as the “no-excuse workout” because it’s a do-it-anywhere routine that keeps you energized and vibrant.

Truly, the unsung hero in the fitness world is walking!

That’s why I created the 6-Week Leanwalk Program with 6 routines to turn your walk into a workout teach you proper walking techniques…. Learn more about LeanWalk!

One of my joys is reading comments from people who have had success with my walking programs…including Ellen who lost more than 150 pounds by integrating walking into her routine.

“These walks leave me feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and very well worked out. They have increased my fitness and I recommend them to anyone looking for a solid, enjoyable and effective workout you can do anywhere, and keep returning to, without getting bored. A+.” – Alexandra

“I have been walking everyday. I can tell a difference every time I do Kathy’s walks. My stamina is picking up.” – Shani

“I’ve been trained by Kathy Smith for over 26 years. She helped me lose 70 pounds after having my third child. Her programs and her approach showed how to put down the junk and move. I could go and on about how amazing her approach is. My favourites are her walking workouts. 5 times a week I hit the outdoors and she keeps me going. Kathy is authentic, tough, yet knows how to get you going at your level, fun, and relatable. She is my only trainer!” – Anne Marie

“During covid 19 I initially gained weight. I try to stay below 150 lb. but had gone over that. I was having a tough time getting it down. I love walking outside and exercising so I purchased LeanWalk by Kathy Smith. It has been wonderful. I love Kathy’s coaching while I’m walking. I’m so happy to say that I’ve come down in my weight. I’m down to 148 lb. Thank you, Kathy for making these workouts affordable. I’m 67 years young.” – Gina

Turn Your Walk Into a Fat-Burning Workout

The 6-Week LeanWalk Program includes 5 audio workouts… perfect for your outdoor walks or treadmill workout.

As a bonus, you’ll also receive a 45-minute indoor walking video so you can get your extra 4,000 steps by walking in place in your living room.

You can keep the walking audios on your phone forever! They do not expire after 6 weeks!



Each week adjusts either the duration or intensity. By changing what you ask your body to do, this program challenges you so you can keep making fitness progress.

WEEK 1 – Build the foundation by developing proper walking techniques.
WEEK 2 – Enhance stamina and endurance
WEEK 3 – Burn more calories with short interval bursts
WEEK 4 – Challenge the intensity with longer intervals
WEEK 5 – Add resistance training to the end of the walk
WEEK 6 – Prepare to walk for life with intervals that are closer together

Take your walk to the next level. LeanWalk is perfect to get ready for summer!