Prepare For a Good Morning! 

The choices you make during the first hour upon waking usually set the stage for what the rest of the day will look like. A hap-hazard morning routine really doesn’t work for me. I like the structure of a winning morning routine, and the key is consistency!  

A big part of waking up happy and winning the morning is getting in the right frame-of-mind. Before your morning shower, try the “10-in-10” audio workout… 10 exercises in 10 minutes that incorporate cardio and strength training to tone every muscle. It’s a functional, time-saving workout….

Then after your shower, feel free to steal these three other habits that are part of my morning ritual…. 

1. Start with a cup of green tea and a ginger shot. To make a Ginger Shot squeeze lemon into a cup of hot water, and add in a few cubes of freshly chopped ginger. Sprinkle with cayenne pepper! 

2. Spend 5 minutes…usually a little more…in a comfortable, quiet place and meditate, taking notice of your thoughts and feelings. That’s it! No judging, no problem solving, no list-making, just a few quiet moments of stillness and focusing on breath.

3. Step outside.…whether traveling or at home…for a few minutes of fresh air and morning sunlight. This connection to the outdoors helps you check in with what nature has to offer today.


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