After surviving the cooking marathon that inevitably accompanies Thanksgiving, it’s time for some easy walking. 

Taking a few minutes to unplug from life’s distractions and head outdoors has remarkable health advantages…from decreasing anxiety to lowering cortisol levels to reducing inflammation to improving time spent in REM sleep.

Ready for an easy walk?  

Unwind, unplug, de-stress, decompress… I’ll be your guide with this 20-minute gentle walking audio. 

It’s a 20-minute steady-state workout that gradually increases in intensity.

The focus during this workout is perceived effort, not pace. It’s a nice mental change to help you enjoy your walk more than when you’re fixated on maintaining a certain time.

If you have 20 minutes to spare when you’re finished, keep the audio going, because there’s an extra 20 minutes of resistance training at the end to sculpt and tone your shoulders, back, arms, and core.