Make The Impossible…. Possible!


I’ve always wanted to do a pushup series with a clap in-between the pushups, and it seemed out of reach.

How to make the impossible… possible?

I worked with a local trainer, Deacon Andrews on progressions to sequence my training cycle.

Here’s the big takeaway…

Any bodyweight exercise you’re trying to do that seems too advanced or too complex needs to be broken down into a baby step progression series.

Practicing proper progressions will help you level-up to the next variation with confidence and control without injuring yourself.

Check out my progression video… Obviously it’s still a work in progress 🙂

Intimidated by Pushups?

If you’re avoiding pushups, you’re not alone. This bodyweight movement can be intimidating. But if you find yourself skipping these exercises, you’re missing out an a seriously effective workout. Building up to a perfect pushup takes time, so start with one of the modifications in today’s routine. No matter your fitness level, there’s a pushup path that’s right for you!