3-Step Workout


If you’re experiencing a bit of “glute amnesia” here’s a sequence that can perk up your backside! As we age, strength training can truly be considered the fountain of youth. Training intelligently is the key. One big goal with strength training is to build a healthier more durable body without compromising your joints or fatiguing yourself.

Check out this new circuit glute training sequence and explanation. It allows me to target the desired muscle groups without as much wear-and-tear on my body.

1. We use the banded glute bridge to ACTIVATE the glutes and get them awake. Our goal here is to help feel the glutes turn on so that we can better use them in the next movements. One of the most valuable components to this is focusing on what you want to feel working. Too often we spend time not focused on the movements we are doing and therefore do not do a good job of using them. (15-20 reps)

2. We move into a split squat with the toes raised to PRE-FATIGUE the glutes. By raising the toes we are forcing more focus on the hamstring and glutes. We also want to keep a slight forward hinge at the hip for more glute involvement.(8-10 ea leg)

3. We use a sumo kb deadlift as our main STRENGTH movement of the circuit. When we are talking about strength training the most important factor is perfect technique and maintaining control over the movement with smooth steady and controlled movements. We are focusing on max tension throughout the entire body and again truly focused on what we want to be feeling work. Don’t focus on how fast you can do these reps, instead focus on very controlled eccentric (lowering) movement and smooth concentric (lifting). (6-8 reps)

4. Rest 90 – 120 seconds before completing the next set