Perfection Detox

This week, I was honored to be featured on the podcast of Petra Kolber, a self-proclaimed recovering perfectionist, and choreographer who has starred in over 100 award winning workouts (on television shows, DVDs, and good old-fashioned VHS).

Her weekly show, The Perfection Detox, is a place where she shares inspiring and thought-provoking conversations with both change agents and the everyday hero next door.

In the interview, I shared my thoughts on the power of intuition and my technique to stay in the present in order to hear the whispers from the world. This can allow you to be open and available to the new opportunities all around.

So if you’re wondering how to detox from perfection, stay present, create a life of meaning and purpose, or find time to marvel in the smallest of moments…then today’s 30-minute interview is a must-listen! Enjoy 🙂