Paper Towel


Dumbbells, kettlebells, and resistance tubes…we all love them. But in a quest for a slim, strong and sexy body, stocking up your at-home gym (or fitness corner) doesn’t have to include a pile of equipment.

With only a paper towel (yes…you heard me correctly), you can tone your thighs and cinch your waist.

In today’s video from a Fox TV segment with Dave Nemeth, I’ll bring out the paper towels and show you 4 moves to tone your inner thighs…. 

Having a towel beneath your feet as you perform today’s moves creates added friction between you and the floor. This requires muscle control and engages the glutes and hamstrings for an incredible inner thigh workout. 

These moves incorporate balance, so if you need a little extra stability, or if yo feel the move is too advanced, hold on to a counter, chair, or table. Remember, the paper towel only goes under the front part of your foot, and your heel is lifted off of the ground.