4 Ways to


Win the morning, win the day!

Mornings matter, and how you choose to structure your mornings have a lasting impact on your health. Developing small, energizing habits of what to do after you part with the pillow can help you conquer even the craziest of days.

I’ve talked to hundreds of people about their morning routines, and what they say over and over again is “When I start my morning haphazardly, I find that I’m irritable and in a state of chaos for the rest of my day.” 

As simple as this four-part morning routine is, it will really help bring ease and focus to your day.


Spend a few minutes in a comfortable, quiet place and meditate, taking notice of your thoughts and feelings. That’s it! No judging, no problem-solving, no list-making, just a few quiet moments of stillness and focusing on your breath.
When your mind is scattered, it can be helpful to try what I call the “B.L.T.” or Breathing Listening Technique. Check out this method for quieting your mind and entering the present moment.

Take a Shot

Need a little oompf to get moving in the morning? Take a shot….of ginger! I like to start with a glass of hot water or green tea mixed with ginger, turmeric, cardamom, and pepper.
I call it the “Immuni-tea” because it’s loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients.


Intention for the Day

Taking a few minutes to write a few thoughts on paper can help you move forward through your day with clarity. You can brainstorm goals and ideas, or use it as a chance to brain dump of whatever is disturbing your peace of mind. I like to write down a word to describe my intention the day… laughter, love, respect, clarity, organization, etc.
Journaling might feel cheesy at first, but it can clear your mind and improve focus, appreciation, and execution.

You can always join me for a guided audio to help focus on your inner power and re-wire your brain. The 10-minute visualization (click play above) helps calm the nervous system and establish a routine that supports focus.

When possible, I like to do set my intention in some morning sunlight. They say the best things in life are free, and morning light is one of them!

Sun Salutations

Pause for some sun salutations before, the day begins. A great way to get started is with today’s 3-minute sun salutation video helps shake out the stiffness and get you ready for the day!

There’s nothing better than these moves after a deep sleep to develop strength and flexibility, and open up the hamstrings, shoulders and chest.

Plus, sun salutations lubricate the joints and moving toward full range of motion.