NEW Workout


Sometimes, the simplest moves in a workout can be the most effective. Today’s new workout uses offset weighted carries to take your core up a notch. 

Offset training simply means you’re creating an imbalance by holding a weight in only one hand. This engages the stabilizer muscles, which are mainly found in the hips and core. 

One of the most important gifts you can give to your body is a strong, stable core that allows your hips to have improved range of motion. If your hips are moving optimally, then everything above and below them will also move and feel better. 

The key components to this workout are… 

  • Move slow and deliberately. 
  • Squeeze the hand holding the weight with about 85% pressure. Extend the free hand to the side while making a fist and squeezing.  
  • March in place for 10-20 reps. Alternate legs, and move slowly. For an additional challenge, hold for a 2-3 second balance. 
  • Breathe through the nose.
  • Remain stable with as little movement through the body as possible.
  • Repeat on other side. 

You can increase the challenge with this movement by carrying the weight in the front rack (by your shoulder) position or overhead, but the key to this being a helpful movement is moving SLOW!