New Workout


Boost your fat burn with today’s NEW 40-minute muscle-building workout! 

NEW! 40-Min
Boredom Buster Workout

Here’s what to expect… 

3 mins cardio
 high or low impact, your choice! 
+ 1 min strength
... targets every muscle! 
+ 10 rounds! 

I can’t wait for you to try this workout! 


To reshape your body and get toned and firm in record time, this never-before released audio workout combines cardio and strength moves for a fantastic full-body workout.  

Double duty! 

By pairing 3-min cardio bursts followed by 1-min of strength training, you’ll burn and firm! 

Think of this workout as circuit training. The reason why circuit training is getting so much attention is because this classic method builds endurance, bursts calories and develops muscle to make fitness more efficient!

If cardio is your go-to workout, but you know you should be incorporating more strength training (or vice versa), this workout is a win-win.

But, not all circuits are created equal.

Check out this audio workout to feel the difference! It’s the perfect formula for getting your fun-in-the sun body!