New Study… Power of Short Workouts

We know that workouts, no matter how short, have the power to tremendously alter a myriad of physical and psychological processes, and now a new study backs this idea up. 

We have tons of evidence that exercise alters our metabolism, immune response, and nearly every other organ system, but recently discovered techniques allowed researchers to look at how just a short burst of exercise affects thousands of other molecules found in our bloodstream.

The study found a symphony of cellular changes both during and after working out that affirms how powerful and immediate the effects of exercise can be. 

What’s most fascinating about the study is that just a small amount of exercise was powerful enough to alter thousands of chemicals from appetite hormones to inflammation markers.

Michael Snyder, the study’s lead researcher and Stanford University professor, was equally amazed at how little exercise was needed to see an effect, “I had thought, it’s only about nine minutes of exercise, how much is going to change? A lot, as it turns out.”

Try today’s 10-Min “snack-sized” routine to spark this symphony of cellular changes! This routine is convenient because it utilizes simple movements done quickly and with purpose. Just be sure not to sacrifice proper form! Each motion is done rapidly, focusing on speed, form, and technique…followed by an active recovery period. 

Short workouts, big results! 

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