New Science on Staying Young

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Exercises to Train Train Your Brain

You can’t have a healthy body if your brain is out of whack! That’s why it’s important to keep your brain healthy and agile.

Understanding your brain’s ability to change and make new connections can have significant implications on your memory and learning. 

When Dr. Lisa Genova, Ph.D. was on the TED stage, she warned about the enormous impact of Alzheimer’s and said these words…

“Let’s project out into the future, to your future you’s,
 and let’s imagine that we’re all 85. Now, everyone look at two people. One of you probably has Alzheimer’s disease. And maybe you’re thinking, ‘Well, it won’t be me.’ Then, OK. You are a caregiver. So in some way, this terrifying disease is likely to affect us all.”

Ultimate SuperAger Diet

In this episode with Naomi Whittel, author of the book Glow15, you’ll learn all about autophagy.

Simply put, autophagy is your body’s recyling program, tearing apart and re-using parts of your cellular makeup to repair any damage, and restore and rejuvenate your cells. Your cells function better, your body runs better, you look and feel better. Autophagy is a fundamental process.

Naomi Whittel has spent the last 10 years working with some of the greatest minds in science to create an autophagy-activating plan, which she explains in this episdode…