Need a Lift? Start with the Glutes

Signing off on another year! Make the last workout of the year count. 

Remember, sticks and stones may break your bones, but barre will give you a booty lift!  Here’s a toast to a new year of better habits, positive thinking, green eating, and most of all… loving yourself. 

Today’s 15-min barre butt workout will help you lift your backside like you’ve always dreamed. It focuses on muscular endurance, which means repeating more reps to target the entire glute area. 

Here’s a trick… concentrate on activating both the hamstrings and the glutes while you’re performing these moves. You want to particularly focus on that area where the glutes meet the hamstrings.  

Why try barre? 

1. Easy on the joints. Almost all barre moves are very low impact, which means that you can keep coming back for more year after year. It’s fitness for life! Barre routines means you aren’t suffering through your workout. 

2. Uses your own bodyweight for lean muscles. In barre routines, you usually utilize your own body weight which shapes beautiful long, lean lines in your muscles. As for equipment, all you need is a barre (or a chair if you’re working out at home)

3. It works! Between the butt-lifting glute movements and the plies, you’ll notice a dramatic change to your backside if you incorporate today’s routine into your regular schedule. 

Let’s get started!