Need a Lift? Let’s Start with the Booty

Say “hello” to better buns! 

Give your glutes some extra TLC with today’s 15-min barre butt workout that includes a variety of motions to target all angles of your backside… the glute maximus, medius and minimus. The moves tackle the dynamic nature and different needs of all of the gluteal muscles. It’s a lower body toner using just your body weight! 

Today’s workout is from the lineup of daily routines in the ReShape app. ReShape is a 3-in-1 app with daily workouts, daily meal plans, and daily inspiration. Each month has a new focus, and in October, ReShape is giving love to your backside and attention to your legs. Join us for a training experience unlike any other.

Here’s a trick… strong hamstrings are the secret to lifting the glutes. You want to particularly focus on that area where the glutes meet the hamstrings.  

Why try barre? 

1. Easy on the joints. Almost all barre moves are very low impact, which means that you can keep coming back for more year after year. It’s fitness for life! Barre routines means you aren’t suffering through your workout. 

2. Uses your own bodyweight for lean muscles. In barre routines, you usually utilize your own body weight which shapes beautiful long, lean lines in your muscles. As for equipment, all you need is a barre (or a chair if you’re working out at home)

3. It works! Between the butt-lifting glute movements and the plies, you’ll notice a dramatic change to your backside if you incorporate today’s routine into your regular schedule. 

As you become more advanced, focus on going deeper into each move or holding the poses for longer. 

Let’s get started! 

Total Body Toner
Workouts That Work

Every single day for 8 weeks, you receive workouts that you can watch from your computer, phone, or TV. Of course, I’ll be there to be your workout partner and give you a boost of motivation. All the workouts live in an e-book that you can keep forever.

These daily workouts include 10 toning routines and 9 cardio routines to help you lose weight, burn excess fat, sculpt & define your body, and improve your overall health.

It’s October, which means ReShape has a new lineup of exercises and recipes.

That’s right…a new month means NEW, NEW, NEW! In addition to a daily workout calendar, library of over 75 video and audio routines, daily meal plan, and over 100 recipes, each month we’re spicing it up by adding NEW seasonal recipes and updating ReShape’s daily workouts.

Here’s what’s new & so good in the ReShape app this month…

Trim Thighs
Firm Butt

Hello, booty-ful! The focus this month is giving love to your backside attention to your legs with a lineup of lower body strengthening routines. 

So if you’re suffering from a case of glute amnesia and wondering “where did my butt go?”  then ReShape’s daily workouts will help you have great-looking buns and legs. 

October’s daily lineup incorporates more lower-body targeted routines, including Pilates for Lower Body and Barre Bun Booster, as well as guided walking workouts with techniques to engage more of your glutes. 

You’ll still receive workouts that focus on creating strong arms and a streamlined waistline as well a cardio exercises that kick your natural fat-burning ability into full-gear.

Your legs, butt, and back will thank you!

Satisfying Fall Favorites


October’s new recipes and  daily meal plan includes comfort food with a lighter spin as we transition into fall. From Lentil Veggie Soup to Pumpkin Raisin Breakfast Cookies, enjoy plant-based and traditional protein options for every meal. 

Enjoy the plant-based and traditional protein options for every meal. 

In October, we’re loving the cool mornings, crisp air, and all things pumpkin. Cozy soups that are hearty and packed with delicious flavor are also on the menu. 

NEW Lentil Veggie Soup
NEW Pumpkin Raisin Breakfast Cookies 
NEW Baked Mustard-Herb Chicken
NEW Low Carb Pasta with Shrimp Scampi
NEW Low Carb Pasta with Tofu Bolognese 
NEW Pumpkin Spice Shake
…and more!

Love your lower body, have fun in the kitchen, and celebrate with a motivating community of 70,000+ members!