My All-Time Favorite Tush-Toning 2-in-1 Move

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Why I love this move: 

Not only does it target the legs, buns AND arms, but it works all of those muscle groups simultaneously. I’m a huge fan of compound movements: Exercises that combine multiple body-parts rather than isolating them individually, so that you can get more bang for your buck. That means more calories burned in less time, fewer hours spent sweating in the gym, and more time to get out and enjoy the sunshine with your loved ones.

How to do it:

  • Holding a dumbbell in each hand, step your left foot directly behind you, taking a wide stance, and bend your legs, lowering your torso down into a lunge. Be sure and maintain that core stability to prevent injury.
  • While in lunge position, keep your shoulders over your hips, back knee slightly bent, front knee in alignment with your front toes, shoulders back and down.
  • Feel your weight in your right (front) heel as you push yourself to standing.
  • As you return to standing, do a tricep kickback: Reach your arms back behind you and extend, feeling a squeeze in the tricep.


  • Practice the lunge and tricep kickback movements separately and without weights at first.


  • When you come to standing, use your core muscles to lift the back leg off the floor and extend it behind you, squeezing the glutes as you perform the tricep kickback.


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