Look Out


I returned from Chicago where I was teaching a live virtual workout, Move4Her. It was a fundraiser for the Foundation for Women’s Cancer… we raised $450,000!

I’m back in Park City where the leaves are turning all shades of red, orange and yellow. Yesterday, my hat matched the trees 😊

A warm-weather favorite activity of mine is hiking up Sundance and riding the chairlift down. I’ve done it three times this week! Last week when I was climbing up, a family came by and said, “Look out for the moose! It’s on the trail.”

In that moment, I realized an important lesson in life…

When she said that, I realized that for the past 45 minutes of my hike, I had been lost in my thoughts, thinking about the week ahead, plans I had…what I needed to get accomplished. That message of “look out for the moose” got me very focused. Partially, I was afraid of what I would do when I saw the moose, but it got me in the moment.

All of a sudden, I was looking at the flowers, the trees, the landscape, and it was pretty magical. And, so that’s my message for you today… Look out for thee moose!

Whether you put on some peaceful music as you go for a hike, take in the sounds as you walk through the trees, or do some breathing exercises on a bench by the water, being present and focused can alleviate stress and bring awareness of your surroundings. Think of a way you can shift your focus and increase your mindfulness this week. And be sure to look out for the moose!