LISTEN & LOSE… The EASY Way To Walk Off 3x More Fat!

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It’s time to discover the easiest weight loss secret to shed extra pounds — especially around your belly…it’s called listen and lose! By plugging in your earbuds and walking with my guided audio workouts, you’ll find yourself wanting to tie up your shoes and enjoy a fat-burning walk. This one simple change will help you walk off 3x more fat. And, when you’re ready to get started, shedding extra pounds is going to be far easier than you ever dreamed possible.

Walking is an almost effortless exercise that seems to be a wonder drug. It’s incredibly simple, astonishingly powerful, and study after study proves that tying up your laces for a few minutes a day can transform your body, mind and health. You’ll find yourself losing weight at a whole new level.

I’ve had thousands of women and men tell me how my listen and lose walking programs have transformed their bodies and changed their lives. In fact, my collection of walking audio programs is the secret that can help you burn 3 times more fat than your ordinary walking program — in half the time! The secret is the progressive interval training. All you have to do is put in your earbuds and walk along while I guide you, inspire you, and teach you the perfect technique to get maximum weight loss goals.

Here’s one of my favorite success stories from my walking program…

“I started out at 175 lbs, and after using Kathy’s walking program, I lost about 55 lbs, and now I weigh 122 lbs. I went from a size 18 to a size 6 and now, buying clothes is actually fun! I love knowing that I can go into a store and the clothes are going to fit, and I’m going to look good. And, I feel much sexier!”

– Ellen from CA lost 55 lbs with my Listen & Lose walking program! 

Walking is almost effortless, and the results can be amazing! So whether you’re super fit, overweight, or somewhere in between, you can improve your health with walking…the easiest, most natural exercise in the world. Even, if like Ellen, you have 55 lbs to lose, walking can set you up for success to reach your goals.

Let me prove it to you….Here’s a sample listen & lose walk to fire up your motivation to get outside and start losing weight for summer! Just push the “play” button below.

Listen and Lose MP3 Super Playlist Walk Fit


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